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Cherishing a timeless devotion to writing, Helene Lee is a treasure to Lockport group

Explore More. More to Explore. I did not have the chance to see it in my childhood, because it is start from midnight. I am born and brought up in Tehatta. You can say it is a little try from my behalf to reach the matter to everyone. Nowadays, there is no one have time to looks each other face.

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We may lose a reason of joyful meet with our Neighbor. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is the Supreme Being who creates, protects and transforms the universe through fire flame. Here only can Jujube Fruits tree woods is burn. The chief monk commits himself to please Lord Shiva and he started performing a different type of wacky dances. Here chief monk is taking rest on the road after performing special kinds of wacky dance at midnight AM. Here chief monk is taking rest on the road after performing dance at midnight in Gajan festival.

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The visitor, an owlet. The chief monk is taken to bathe at Jalangi River. The Chief Monk is dive one time and trying to escape in deep water. Experienced eyes, Nara Ghosh is one of the oldest experienced Sannyasi monk , he is the reason why this tradition remain now. Without his direction it is impossible.

It means Head down and nod for god and symbol of lord Shiva is present among them. Here Monks are inhaled perfume smoke. After those performance Monks are tired and take rest. In the past, monks are used stick or rattan stick for self defense; it is still remained as symbolic. Various kind of ancient methods of cultivating were show there through exercise.

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Here was a comedy performance on street. On that day, everyone who is old or young is almost same.

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They make fun of each other. Here was a political story performance on street, where the fools barber trying to cut beard with grubber and an ax. There's no playing around. It's a tooth and nail, all out, throw down fight to the death. Tragically, Cain chooses to disregard God's words. In his anger, he murders his brother, lies to God about it, and only feels sorry for himself when he's punished. Sin rules over Cain. The good news is that we can go a different route!

We can heed God's loving warning. We can call out to Jesus our Savior and defeat the sins in our lives! But we can't do it on our own. We need God's weapons and God's help. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.